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Pine Creek Report for Wednesday March 1, 2023 by Jack

Pine Creek Report for Wednesday March 1, 2023

Jim and I met at the Gamma Building Flats parking lot at 9:00 am. Our plan was to wade upstream and start fishing at the Old Railroad Bridge pool, but getting there was a bit of a challenge. The stream bottom on the way up is a mixture of bedrock, large gravel, and some boulders, and we couldn’t see the bottom because any water over knee deep was still murky from the rain on Monday. We have waded that section many times before and we both had a wading staff and boots with metal studs so we made it there without getting dunked. The Pine Creek stream gage was at 5.09 ft. at 9:00 am. I think it gets too risky to wade in the fast water right below the Bridge pool once the gage gets to about 5.20. This picture shows the water we waded. It’s from March 2021 when the gage was at 5.13.

There was a young guy already there who was getting hits on almost every cast with spinning gear. He told us that he makes his own spinning lures, so we asked which one he was using now. He just said, “It’s gold with some green on it”. Then he wished us good luck and walked upstream. We had the pool to ourselves and caught five trout, but after about an hour we decided to wade upstream too. That turned out to be a good idea. In fact, we waded all the way up to the Honey Hole and the Rock Wall and the farther up we went, the easier it was to wade. This is a picture I took at the Rock Wall. You can see that the water was in great shape.

It was about 3 pm and we were getting tired so we waded back downstream, fishing at some of the best holes as we went. We finished at about 5 pm. Altogether, we caught and released 16 trout, mostly at the Honey Hole and the Old Railroad Bridge. Flies that worked the best for us were a #14 Orange Bling Blood Dot and a #14 Pink lady. The Pink Lady is the one on the right with a krystal flash tail.

We also caught a few fish using a Prince Nymph, a white Wooly Bugger, and a Black Ghost streamer.


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