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Club year in review

Rich reviewed the club year using a Powerpoint presentation put together by Ralph.  It was nice thinking back on all the meetings, presentations and events we had this year.

In other club business...

* Rich commented on how successful all of our events were this year.

* We showed the attendees the video of the Pine Creek stream clean up day.

* We premiered the Dan Wagner Memorial Kid's Fishing Day video

* Eric delivered the Treasurer's report

* The Elk photo donated by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation was raffled off helping raise funds for the club.  Glen won the raffle


* Bud got us the presenter who was excellent.

*Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation info here.

* Elk were re-introduced to Pennsylvania in 1913

* Current herd is estimated to equal 1,500 animals

* Largerst bulls shed their antlers in February

* Cows give berth from June thru September

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