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The Eden Hall Campus of Chatham University

We were treated to a great presentation from Dr. Alice Julier, Ph.D. about the Eden Hall Campus of Chatam college an environmentally friendly designed educational facility.  

The campus collects enough solar power not only meet there needs but to sell some back to the grid.  

The school works closely with local farmers giving their students hands on experience.

Dr. Julier mentioned that there are workshops open to the public.

Officer Mike Johnson of the PA Fish and Boat Commission reported that there will be a state wide opening day for trout in 2022.  The 1st Saturday in April.  This likely means that stockings will occur earlier than normal possibly starting in February.

In club news, Rich reported that anyone interested in the North Park stocking on December 14th should let Gary know in advance so he can add you to his sign up sheet (still a state requirement)

Ron reported that Cabin Fever is scheduled for the last Sunday in February

Our next meeting will be on the Christmas Party on Dec 16th - 7pm at Casey's Restaurant

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