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PA Elk & The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

Our presenter for the evening was Carl McConnell who gave a talk on the state of the Elk herd in Pennsylvania and his work with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.


* Bud got us the presenter who was excellent.

*Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation info here.

* Elk were re-introduced to Pennsylvania in 1913

* Current herd is estimated to equal 1,500 animals

* Largerst bulls shed their antlers in February

* Cows give berth from June thru September


In other club business...

* April 27th is the stocking of Pine Creek

* May 3rd is the stocking of North Park

* May 5th is the Club stocking of North Park (TBD) Gary will email members

* May 6th Kids Fishing Derby at North Park

   Members arrive at 6:30am

   Parking at Boat House 

   Need volunteers for registration

   Fishing starts at 7am

   Wear your club hat & T-shirt for identification

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