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October Club Meeting Notes

Our temporary location worked well with plenty of social distancing available. After I presented on the website Rich proceeded to cover some new business.

  1. Our November meeting will be held at the Hampton VFD

  2. The Christmas Party will likely also be held at the Hampton VFD but without any guest to provide for social distancing

  3. Rich brought in the photo of the Eagle capturing a Brook Trout from North Park. The photo (which is framed) will be raffled off during the Christmas Party although ticket sales started last night. Tickets at $5 per ticket or 3 tickets for $10

  4. Rich is looking for volunteers to do a mini-stream clean up this Saturday October 17th. Volunteers (club members only) will meet up at the Hampton VFP parking lot across the street from the fire hall at 9am. Clean up will be from 9am - 11am

  5. I mentioned during my presentation that if Speakers could send me their notes those can be included on the website. As an example I've attached my notes from last nights presentation. If you weren't able to attend you may find these helpful in navigating the website.

Great getting together last night.

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