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Here's a stream report for yesterday on Pine Creek from Jack

Stream Report for March 9, 2021

I fished the Delayed Harvest section of Pine Creek with Jim today from 8:30 a.m. to about 5:00 p.m. Altogether we caught sixteen trout, three suckers, and 1 smallmouth bass. The stream gage was at 4.73 feet and the water temperature was 39 degrees at 9 a.m. We started at the Gamma Building Flats where the action was slow at the bottom of the pool, but I did manage to catch a trout and one big sucker there. Those fish took a #14 Orange Bling Blood Dot. The action was a lot better at the head of the pool where Jim landed six trout on a #14 Mop Fly in the first forty-five minutes.

When the action stopped we waded upstream to the fast water below the Old Railroad Bridge Hole. We saw a large golden trout feeding there but neither of us could catch it. Then Jim caught the best fish of the day. Actually he caught it twice. It took a #14 Mop Fly but threw the hook and then took the same fly again a few minutes later.

We moved up into the slower water of the pool itself where I had my best luck of the day at the tail of the pool. Five trout took my tandem rig of a #16 Prince Nymph and a #16 Orange Bling Blood Dot. We finished the day upstream at the Honey Hole where we each caught a few more trout but the action was slow there. We also lost a lot of flies to snags and trees so we decided to call it a day. There were ten other anglers on our way back downstream. We were talking with two young guys at the Hard Hat Hole when a golf ball hit a few feet away from one of them who was standing on the bank. Then another ball hit behind the other guy standing in the water so we decided to get out of there. Hard Hat is a good name for that hole.

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Jun 20, 2021

The golf balls really do rain down there. Some of them go all the way across the creek to the far bank. That would hurt!


Great day of fishing! Even with the chance of golf ball sized "golf balls" raining down on you.

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