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Jim hooks some nice ones trout fishing on Bull Creek & Deer Creek

On the day I was fishing with my buddy Rich, on Bull Creek - this past Monday, I caught a 21-inch rainbow trout on a full night crawler.  With the help of Rich, he threw it on the bank for me. 

Then we went fishing at  Deer Creek on Wednesday.  We had caught a couple of trout and there was a night crawler container laying on the bank.  I picked it up and looked inside finding dead nightcrawlers.  I decided on keeping them.  Later in the day, I put one of the dead night crawlers on my hook.  Much to my surprise, I hooked a rainbow trout that was almost five-pounds!  The trout shot up in the air about four-feet and all I could do was hang on.  I have had experiences in the past, with catching large trout and so I played him out.  The trout gave me one of the best fights I ever had!  I got him into position by moving down stream and shoved him up onto the bank.

To all the fly tiers, maybe a dead night crawler pattern might work.  But then again, maybe the smell was the key. 

Blessings and I hope you all have a great day!  


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