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Elk Creek Stream Report - by Jack Kearney

Gages and Stream Reports for Elk Creek 10/22/20

Many of us have been hoping for rain in Erie so the steelhead will run up our favorite streams there. My favorite is Elk Creek and it looks like the steelhead run is ready to take off. The stream gage shown below is USGS 04213152 Walnut Creek Upstream Pool, Near Erie, PA. It shows the discharge rate at 142 cubic feet per second this morning at 9:30am. I watch that gage and USGS 04213075 Brandy Run Near Girard, PA because there is no gage for Elk Creek itself. Brandy Run is at 34.3 this morning. But there is a live webcam showing Elk Creek at Uncle John’s Campground and stream reports for the Erie area streams are available from FishUSA at The second page shows a screenshot from Uncle John’s live webcam at 9:50am this morning. The FishUSA report shown there is a still from yesterday, but it’s good news for steelhead.

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