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Do APSC flies work in Florida?

I was touched when Tom, Rod and Rich (possibly tied by Frank?) all provided me with flies to try during my time in Florida. Given how much effort they had put in I was determined to give them a go.

Unfortunately the weather (fishing wise) was the worst I have encountered, continously cool temps put the fish down frequently. Nonetheless, when conditions were right I'd tie one on in pursuit of some fish. I managed to catch a couple of bass on Tom's streamer before they destroyed it. Perhaps Rod should get an assist because his Clousser Minnow pattern was the lead fly with Tom's trailing.

Largemouth caught on Tom's fly

Next up was Rod's Clousser. Both the Clousser's he tied and Tom's flies were almost too pretty to cast. Despite my best efforts I was having trouble getting any takers. Then one innocent morning while fishing a back channel on Shingle Creek something slammed it. After a nice fight a 3lb 8oz largemouth was in the net.

That left me with Rich's collection of streamers. I had tried various ones at times without success. Then one hot afternoon when popper fishing was out of the question I tied on a black streamer with a yellow nose. To be honest, my thoughts were not very optimistic until it hit the water and was engulfed by a bass!

Rich's streamer comes through

So back to the title of this post. Do Allison Park Sportsmen's club flies work in Florida? They certainly do! Thanks again to Rich, Tom, and Rod for the flies.

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