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Two books every fisher needs

As my quest to catch a game fish in 100 different locations this year continues it seemed appropriate to share with the club two of the tools key to my efforts. These are the books "Keystone Fly Fishing" and "Trout Streams and Hatches of Pennsylvania".

Simply identifying 100 bodies of water holding game fish is challenging on its own and these two volumes have been a big help to me. I'm a long way from completing my goal (sitting currently at 38 locations completed) but without these guides it would have been nearly impossible to even have a shot.

Both books are well written and do an excellent job in describing various streams including how to reach them, what type of trout are in them, and what patterns have been successful. Reading about a stream ahead of time gives me some background on what to expect. I even take them along on my trips in case a last minute refresher is required. In my case, it is often related to directions on reaching a particular section of the creek.

I've been able to group streams by location and plan trips where multiple creeks can be fished.

Up to this point, one of the benefits of this pursuit has been fishing waters I otherwise would never have tried. Just last week, I fished Sugar Creek, Caldwell Creek, the West Branch of Caldwell Creek and East Hickory Creek all for the first time. While Sugar Creek didn't move me the others were absolutely beautiful streams that I will very likely revisit in future years.

Even if you aren't looking to set a personal record these books can help you find new waters and expand your fishing horizons. Tight lines.

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