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Tom's fly comes through again

I wrote earlier about catching some nice bass on a streamer pattern that Tom tied while in Florida until a damn Channel Pickerel stole it. I used it as the 2nd part of a two fly setup dragging it behind a Clousser Minnow.

Well during this Spring's trout stockings Tom once again presented me with a new pattern to try. I wasn't sure just what fish to pursue with it until recently when fishing Harbar Acres Lake from the kayak.

To be honest it couldn't have been much worse fishing conditions with high sky, heat, and wind. I took Sandra up to show her the lake and the eagles (there's a nesting pair up there) and took along the fly rod almost as an after thought.

Initially I was fishing with a small popper and while it caught some blue gill even they quit biting as the sun got hotter and the wind picked up.

An eager Speck grabbed Tom's pattern

Figuring the fish were probably down I switched to a purple Wooly Bugger and decided it to trail it with Tom's fly. Well don't you know it produced immediate results when a decent sized Speck (aka Crappie) grabbed it. I caught another one on my next cast but sadly lost my 'spot' as the wind proceeded to push me out of the area where the crappies were lying. Despite my best efforts I couldn't find that holding area again.

One small bass on the purple wooly bugger ended the afternoon.

If the wind hadn't picked up I'm certain Tom's fly would have yielded a bunch more Specks. Still, the trip showed it attracts fish and I can't wait to try it in Florida this coming winter.

Tom thanks again for providing the fly. If anyone else has a pattern you'd like me to 'test' send it my way!

Tight lines,


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