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Tips and Tactics for Safe Wading from Jack

“Safe Wading” is a popular current discussion topic on the Trout Unlimited Open Forum. The focus is on age-related balance and dizziness issues that make wading in moving water physically difficult. But there are also many comments about safe wading gear (wading sticks and belts, rubber and felt-soled wading boots, boot cleats, polarized sunglasses, inflatable wading vests, etc.) and safe wading tactics that are good advice for anglers of any age. Wading into situations that test your abilities and limitations can be difficult and dangerous…

The Trout Unlimited forum is a site for questions and discussions that is open to all TU members. Two other good sources of information about safe wading are the PA Fish and Boat Commission website and the Orvis Fly Fishing Learning Center.

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission website has a one-page easy to read listing of ten tips for safe wading, such as

· Never fish alone

· Shuffle your feet

· Waders and hip boots will not “pull you down”, as most people think.

You can see the complete list by clicking "PFBC Safe Wading".

The Orvis Fly Fishing Learning Center has a 9 minute YouTube video by Tom Rosenbauer who has been with Orvis for over thirty years. The introduction to the video states that, “Being able to negotiate a river is one of the most important skills in fly fishing…In this video you’ll also learn how to choose between felt-soled and rubber-soled wading shoes and how to clean your wading boots between trips so you don’t transport invasive species”. You can watch the video by clicking "Tips for Safe Wading"

Thanks Jack for the terrific post that will help us all be safer on the water. Have something you'd like to share with the club? It's easy! Just send me an email telling the story behind your post and if you have a couple of photos include them in your email. You can reach me at

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