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Thanks to Rich for the introduction

In the years before COVID if you can remember that far back Rich introduced me to a body of water that we both ended up catching nice bass on. As part of my quest to catch a game fish with the fly rod on 100 different bodies of water it was on the list.

This unnamed lake, I'm not being coy it really doesn't appear to have a name would have gone unknown to me without Rich kindly introducing it to me. Thank you Mr. President.

One note, if you know about this lake it sadly is already badly weeded over. I caught that bass in one of the few open areas. On this trip I noticed the same problem on several other lakes. Where the weeds use to take over in July they are now becoming a problem in late May / early June.

After a whirlwind trip in northwest PA my count now stands at 67. Lot's of fishing still to do but as the saying goes 'its the search not the find'

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