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Thank you for helping stock North Park lake

Before joining the Allison Park Sportsmen's club I had no idea how key volunteers are to the quality of fishing in the state of Pennsylvania. Without the efforts of people like you there is no way the Fish and Boat Commission could ever hope to distribute trout effectively.

Over the past couple of days I've fly fished from my kayak on North Park lake and was reminded of your efforts. Being out of town it wasn't possible for me to help with the stocking but I know many of you did.

By distributing the fish you gave anglers an opportunity across many different areas of the lake as opposed to the fish being primarily located in the one or two places where the state could pull the hatchery truck close to the water.

I caught 15 trout the 1st day and another 11 on my second effort and many/most of the trout were in areas far from the 2 locations where the truck can access the lake.

What you do is important, and sadly under appreciated by most anglers. If you are on the water and see volunteers stocking offer them a thank you. The work isn't easy but these folks are dedicated to improving the quality of our trout fishing.

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