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Show us your catch!

I know that many club members have started fishing for trout. I was out of town on opening day which explained my absence at the Fawcett Field's Kids Fishing Day.

Yesterday I finally got out on the water. After a slow start I managed to get 5 nice trout into the net while losing 2 others. Got 2 on a Clousser Minnow (as the front end of a 2 fly rig), 2 on a Mop Fly (as the trailer on a 2 fly rig) and 1 on an Elk Caddis.

We'd love to see some photos of your fish! Email them to me at and I'll make sure to get them posted to the site. You don't have to tell us where your 'secret honey hole' is. Notice I didn't tell you where these trout came from. But whatever information you would care to share I'm sure the membership would appreciate. Tight lines!

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