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River Boots Book Review by Jack

River Boots, by Robert Lynn Steiner, is a collection of 253 short stories about fish and game law enforcement in Pennsylvania. Steiner is a retired WCO who had a 27-year career with the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, two years raising fish and 25 years in law enforcement. River Boots is available online at Amazon Books.

There are stories about trout stocking and opening day, warmwater species, law enforcement officers and violators, undercover work, night patrols, river patrols, going out on calls with Pennsylvania Game Wardens, and a wide range of other topics. Some stories are about the serious business of dealing with hardened criminals, but most of them are about regular people who have a dedication to the outdoors and a sense of humor. Many of the stories are just a few paragraphs and the longest one is a little less than three pages, so the book is fun and easy to read.

Steiner said that river boots were green 10-inch leather boots issued by the PA Fish and Boat Commission and they leaked.

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