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Protecting the land around Glade Run lake

One of the things I really value from being a member of the Allison Park Sportsmen's Club is the learning from others. Rich often speaks of the ALT (Allegheny Land Trust) and his comments led me to join that group as well.

In the most recent ALT newsletter there was an article that surprised me and also delighted me. The ALT is teaming up with the Glade Run Lake Conservancy (with whom I am also a member) in an attempt to acquire the land surrounding Glade Run Lake in order to better protect this beautiful space. The full article follows below.

Imagine this: you're going about your day

working toward a personal goal; another person

comes along with a similar goal and special

skills that supplement your own tools.

Both Glade Run Lake Conservancy (GRIC)

and Allegheny Land Trust (ALT) share the

overarching goal of conservation in Western

Pennsylvania, and each has a unique approach -

one with the mission to protect a specific lake,

and the other with proven experience in land


So, when faced with the above situation, GRLC

and ALT chose to combine their efforts and

create a plan to identify key parcels of land in

the Glade Run Lake Watershed for permanent

conservation to protect the lake, its water quali-

ty, and its wildlife habitat.

Together over the past year, GRIC, ALT, and a

Middlesex Township resident worked together

to conserve the first parcel of land by placing a

conservation easement on 120 acres of wood-

lands and rolling meadows in the headwaters of

Glade Run Lake in southern Butler County.

"Our members live in the community and

know the lake intimately, but we don't have the

necessary knowledge, expertise, and capacity in

land conservation; so, we were pleased to find a

willing partner in Allegheny Land Trust to help

uS protect Glade Run Lake:" GRLC President

Siggy Pehel said.

The land will be preserved through a conservation easement donated by the landowner Joan Goswell to be held and monitored in perpetuity

by ALT, aligning with GRLC's dedication to the

restoration, ongoing preservation, and im-

provement of Glade Run Lake and its adiacent


GRLC was originally formed to ensure that the

lake would be restored after it was drained in

2011 due to its unsafe earthen dam. Now that

the dam has been rebuilt, GRLC is focused on

the threat that encroaching suburban sprawl

has on water quality.

"Protecting land in the lake's immediate wa-

tershed is the only way to keep the water clean

and the habitat safe and productive for animals,

birds and fish," Siggy said.

The two organizations have identified and pri-

ortized the most sensitive lands in the water-

shed and have created a plan to collaboratively

pursue the conservation of those lands through

a variety of conservation tools including con-

servation easements like the one on Goswell'


ALT and GRLC hope this is the fist of many

land conservation accomplishments in the


We are extremelv excited to be working with

the Glade Run Lake Conservancy and the local

community to protect the land around this

unique lake in this rapidly developing area,"

said ALT President & CEO Chris Beichner.

"Conserving this land preserves the rural character and scenie beauty of the community and is esstential to ensuring that the excellent water quality of the lake is maintained forever."

Have something you'd like to share with the club? It's easy! Just send me an email telling the story behind your post and if you have a couple of photos include them in your email. You can reach me at

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Jan 08, 2022

Hi Steve. Great post. I enjoy kayaking there with my wife and walking the trail near the boat launch. It's good to see the community trying to preserve the land around the lake.

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