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Pheasant Hunt by Scott Karavlan

Its not easy to plan a birthday celebration for a 13-year-old boy during a global pandemic.

On January 16th, three members of the Allison Park Sportsmens' Club, Rich Simmen, Rich Simmen Jr., Scott Karavlan, and Scott’s oldest, son Logan traveled to the Four Seasons Game Bird Farm to celebrate Logan’s 13th birthday with a pheasant and chukar hunt.

The farm is located 18 miles north of Pittsburgh. The Riches, Scott and Logan were guided by Roy Yockley of Stoney Acres Kennel, and accompanied by Nuke, Roy’s German Shorthaired Pointer, and Lizzie his Labrador retriever.

It was a great day, cold and with snow flurries, the scenery was beautiful and won’t be soon forgotten. In short it was a perfect birthday for Logan. Four plus hours of hunting, more than thirty rooster flushes (some of them flushed more than once), untold number of shells fired, six chukar, and twenty roosters retrieved.

Information on the Four Seasons Game Bird Farm can be found at Information on Roy Yockley can be found at

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