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North Park Stocking

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

The club assisted the PA Fish and Boat Commission in the stocking of North Park lake on March 8th. We had 3 trucks total, well over 6,000 fish. Thanks Rod & Joel for the photos!

(From the Shaler Twp Police Facebook Page) Today, several of our Allegheny County Communities and Police Together members joined up with the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, PA Fish and Boat Commission Bureau of Law Enforcement, and several local home-schooled children in Allegheny County for a morning at the lake!

Officers helped the kids restock North Park lake with trout for the upcoming fishing season!

El Presidente

Jim sporting his new fishing boots

Lot's of fishing to get into the lake

Shooting them in

Lots of youths on hand to assist in the stocking

Officers and kids helping to stock North Park lake

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