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Fishing Report from Josh Miller

Eric was kind enough to pass along an email update from Josh that I thought might be of interest.

Spring Is Here... Kinda? Hello my fellow fly fishing friends and family. It has been a while since we have sent out an email but its the season we look forward to the most every year. Spring! Life for me has changed a bit over the past year. I have been diligently writing in my office or in the evenings after guide trips and I finally am almost finished with my first book, Phew... Hopefully will be available this fall? IDK, but either way I am pretty happy to be about done. It will be published and available through Stackpole books. Fishing has been great in Central PA. Water is still pretty cold, as for normal during this time of the year. But fishing has been good, fish have been pretty happy. Grannoms, Caddis, BWO and Hendricksons have been on the menu for a bit now. Spring creek has been fishing very well with simple walts and other small buggy patterns. Even when fish are not rising, we have been very productive fishing a dry dropper setup. Usually fishing a tungsten fly like a france fly or pheasant tail underneath a botany dry fly. Most of the time the size between 2.4mm - 3.0mm has been the right size of weight to get the job done. Guiding has been great, and we are already booking the spring of 2023. We want to thank everyone who has ever supported us in any way. We always appreciate it. First up, I want to invite everyone to the Fly Tyers Reunion will be at Seven Spring Mountain Resort in the Highlands Sporting Clays Lodge April 28th. If you can make it, Its a fun time to hangout with some great tyers and fishermen. The show is pretty personal, and you get to watch some talented tyers create their favorite fly patterns.

777 Waterwheel Drive, Champion PA. Trout Yeah does have some new hats and sweatshirts we just got printed, so let me know if anyone is interested! Hope the fishing is great for everyone this year, and I can help encourage more angers to get on the water with a few emails a year. - Josh Miller


I am teaching a Euro Nymphing techniques class at Nemicolin saturday April 30th just after the Reunion. It will be a private setting with limited anglers for hopefully an enjoyable and fun learning event. If anyone is interested, please click the link to get more info and sign up. ---More Info here---

Euro Nymphing with light tippet and a soft hookset.

Why I Fly Fish

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