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Fishing Neshannock Creek with Jim

On Tuesday, Jim and I headed up to Neshannock Creek. It was my first time fishing this iconic trout stream so Jim served as my guide. We were fortunate to have a day that was nice, not to hot, but certainly not cold.

Our 1st stop was beside the Iron Bridge restaurant. We made the wrong decision in heading up stream as the water was low and slow moving. After getting zero action we headed back to the bridge and Jim started fishing a pool just downstream from the bridge. I went further down to a riffle.

After an hour or so with no luck I went back up to check on Jim and he had landed 3. By the end of the day he'd landed 12 trout from that unassuming spot all on night crawlers.

This was #4 of the dozen or so trout Jim caught

After a while we went in search of another stream Jim was interested in checking out but it turned out to be extremely small and lacking water. Along the way we had a nice encounter with an Amish family who were selling night crawlers.

Back on Neshannock but further upstream I finally found an area with some flowing water and depth. Casting a Wooly Worm into the riffle a rainbow came out of his cover and smacked it. That ended up being my only fish of the day.

Later we went back down to the Iron Bridge where Jim finished off the day with one more rainbow.

Always fun checking out new water and even better when you get to spend some time with a good guy like Jim.

Another one that couldn't resist the nightcrawler

Jim's magic weapon

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