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Death of a Grizzly Bear - contributed by John Ciak

My granddaughter, Abby Paddison, (pictured above) works as a river guide for the Yellowstone Raft Company on the Yellowstone River in Yellowstone National Park.

During one of her recent trips this year she came upon a dead grizzly bear who ended up being Yellowstone Grizzly Bear #394. This bear has an amazing story that is best told by George Buman in his 11 June 2021 edition of his blog A YELLOWSTONE LIFE. Here's a link to the article “Death of a Grizzly Bear” click it to read this story and see some amazing photos.

Great contribution by John. Have something you'd like to share with the club? It's easy! Just send me an email telling the story behind your post and if you have a couple of photos include them in your email. You can reach me at

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